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What We Have

At Beach Bum Fitness, we go above and beyond just being a gym; we are your best friend, your coach, your diary, your realist, your dance partner....we are your all-in for whole health fitness!

Fitness Facility


Benches to barbells to battle ropes and everything in between, we have something for you to have fun by slamming, pushing, throwing, and swinging!



Whether you need a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, or a health coach for those goals and discussions, we are here for you!


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Sometimes we just need someone to listen and hear us out.  At Beach Bum our philosophy is to truly listen and then give you an outlet through accompanying exercises (psychology-based fitness). That's right, we are here to be your best friend (anonymously if needed) and your workout coach/partner. Get fit inside and out and take on the world based on YOU!

Virtual Fun


Not in Ocean Shores? No problem! Let's work together virtually!

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